Almost Having Error Engine, Hamilton Still Finished First In The Brazillian GP

In the ranking race, Lewis Hamilton has an excellent tournament and won the top division of the racing at the starting line.

The most anticipated F1 car racing champion will have an easy day in the main race. However, it is not like that.

Start the race, Hamilton as usual still hold his good form, led from the start. However, he suffered intense pursuit of the young driverMax Verstappen. The 21 years old racer of Team Red Bull showed impressive form when pass both racers Ferrari team is Raikkonen and Viettel and Valteri Bottasof Mercedes to rise to second in the first round.

At this stage, Hamilton in early pit stop and change from soft to medium tires to ensure the completion of the race safely in high temperatures in Brazil.

Meanwhile, Verstappen to within 35 new tires and he still uses the super soft tire. This helped him to have the advantage in weight and has passed Hamilton on lap 39.

Suýt mắc lỗi động cơ, Hamilton vẫn về đích đầu tiên tại Brazillian GP - Ảnh 1.

The second turning point of the race happened on lap 44, Verstappen again experiencing unnecessary collision with team riders at the end of Ocon and inverted again. Verstappen has broken even after a dazzling floor above. Hamilton won the advantage and has quickly regained its leading position.

Suýt mắc lỗi động cơ, Hamilton vẫn về đích đầu tiên tại Brazillian GP - Ảnh 2.

However, in the last few rounds, Hamilton again having the engine. Mercedes engineers said that the engine of the car when it has exceeded the permitted temperature and can be broken at any time. However, very luckily, Hamilton would have finished successfully. Despite very trying to pursued then but Verstappen also was not able to pass Hamilton more times to time, officers suffered only four seconds behind Hamilton on the rankings.

Suýt mắc lỗi động cơ, Hamilton vẫn về đích đầu tiên tại Brazillian GP - Ảnh 3.

With this winning, Hamilton also officially giving Mercedes Team the Championship for the 5th consecutive record balance of Ferrari since 2000 – 2004, the time which is the legendary of Michael Schumacher.