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Marc Marquez won the sixth MotoGP

Spaniard Marc Marquez has the fourth straight season on the highest podium after winning the Thai race and for the sixth time he won the MotoGP title in his career.

Marc Marquez (RC213V racing driver, Repsol Honda Team) became the champion of FIM*1 MotoGP after stage 15 – Thailand Grand Prix (took place on October 6 at Chang International School, Buriram ). This is Marquez’s fourth consecutive title and the sixth time he has won the MotoGP title in his career.

Using Honda’s RC213V racing car, Marquez riders had a solid start to the fourth consecutive championship title this season, finishing second at the opening stage and winning at stage 2. Although he missed his spot on the podium at the Americas, he won 8 and 4 other runner-ups. Marquez riders have continued to successfully defend the title of MotoGP champion when the season still has 4 stages.

Marquez is currently the youngest MotoGP champion in the world when he won for the first time in 2013 – the same year that the driver started to compete in MotoGP format, wearing the Repsol Honda Team. In 2014 the driver continued to become the champion with 13 winning stages.

Although shortly thereafter in 2015, missing out on the championship, the 93rd driver quickly reaffirmed his position with the championship in 2016 – the third title of the MotoGP. And from then until the end of the 15th stage of MotoGP 2019, the driver was holding a record 61 times on the podium with 53 victories (this record is recorded the 4th highest in MotoGP history).

Marc Marquez said that he felt extremely happy to once again become a world champion by wearing the Honda team. He added that the 2019 season was one of the seasons he had the most stable performance. They had fought hard, both the team in particular and Honda, in general, had done extraordinary things, so that they stood that day in that position.

Celebrating Honda’s 60th year of motorsport with a MotoGP championship was truly an honor, and he was proud to have done it for Honda. He also said thank you to everyone who had contributed that season, the fans who always support him!

Motul Driving Experience 2019: Experiencing Formula 4 racing car

For the first time moving the venue to Zhuhai International Racecourse in Guangdong Province, China, the Motul Driving Experience 2019 offers opportunities for drivers to compete, showing off their sports racing skills through many different exercises.

To re-appointment, after consecutive years taking place in Sepang (Malaysia), to make a difference and new experiences for the drivers. The experience driving program – Motul Driving Experience 2019 by Motul oil company coordinated with sports car brands to organize the first relocation to Zhuhai International Racecourse in Guangdong Province, China.


Similar to the previous events, this year’s Motul Driving Experience attracted nearly 100 drivers from 6 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including: Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China. Most of the drivers participating in the experience, competing are representatives of distributors, media reporters and customers who are using Motul oil products in countries in the region.

Located in Guangdong Province, China, Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) has been designed, built and put into use since 1993. ZIC race track has a total length of 4.3 km with 14 tracks, including 9 right and 5 left turns, the longest straight line has a length of 900 m.

Based on the design and actual conditions of Zhuhai International Racecourse, the driving experience – Motul Driving Experience 2019 is divided into 3 main experiences, including: Driving Porsche Boxster 718 Gymkhana race, driving Formula 4 on the road race and experience the race with Seat Leon TCR model. In addition, the drivers participating in the program also met and interacted with driver Carlo Van Dam and heard Motul experts share about Motul’s products and effects on motorsport, as well as how to choose, use lubricants suitable for each vehicle.


After the dissemination of safety regulations, nearly 50 drivers participating in the Motul Driving Experience 2019 on the opening day were divided into two teams, in turn to experience the Gymkhana exercise with the luxury sports car Porsche Boxster 718.

According to the 2019 Motul Driving Experience coaches, this exercise will help the participating drivers have the opportunity to train, hone the ability to steer, control the throttle, brake, how to handle and control the vehicle when operating in range. microscopic.

After the first 2 laps to sharpen your skills, familiarize yourself with the situation, the drivers will directly drive 2 Porsche Boxster 718 to participate in the competition to choose the best driver.

In the second exercise, the difficulty began to multiply when the drivers facing the challenge of driving a Renault Formula 4 conquered the Zhuhai race. Each driver in turn is assigned to play the driver, driving a Renault Formula 4 to complete 4 Zhuhai laps to choose the driver with the best performance.

F1 racing: Red Bull remains the squad, towards stability in 2020

No big surprises, Red Bull has just recently announced the official racing squad in both of its racing teams for the upcoming 2020 season without any significant disturbance.

Toro Rosso will start the first season as Alpha Tauri with two drivers Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat. The duo will first enter a new season as a team mate after officially joining together since the Belgian GP stage in August this year when the French driver was transferred from Red Bull.

Gasly will enter the third full season of his career with the team with a new name, after a turbulent year when starting with Red Bull and then ending with Toro Rosso. The Italian racing team always gives Gasly the best opportunities to express themselves and that becomes the motivation for his dedication to bring the best results to the team in the future.


Kvyat, meanwhile, is set to enter the sixth F1 season of his career and the fourth year he starts as a driver of Toro Rosso.

The 25-year-old driver scored a second podium for himself and Toro Rosso at the crazy race at Hockenheim in July and admits he was comfortable with a team based in Faenza.

At Red Bull, the trial period for Thai driver Albon has ended and he seems to have done more than what the team expected in the last 7 races.

The best achievement that Albon has achieved in the past time is the 4th position in Suzuka, a result guaranteed for the main race position in 2020 with Red Bull.


Albon’s career is going up like a wind, he has been supported by Red Bull since his years of karting but then the Austrian corporation broke up with him in 2012 after the start of post-karting, moving to professional racing.

However, after an impressive performance at the 2018 Formula 2 tournament, ranked third after George Russell and Lando Norris, helped him convince Red Bull to give him his official position at Toro Rosso, replacing Brendon Hartley. The rest is history.

Why are countries so eager to organize F1 racing?

Formula 1 racing is an expensive sports car race, with large funding and large scale investment, but many countries wish to host it.

The F1 races are Grands Prix run by the World Automobile Association (FIA). Each race is an opportunity to earn points for the F1 championship, for riders and technical teams.

F1 has been a popular race for decades with special racing tracks. The first race took place in 1950 in England. He still holds F1 racing at an old airport named Silverstone. In 1929, the race opened the first street race in Monaco, and almost remained as it is today. In 2008, Singapore became the first F1 race in the evening and one of the tourist features of this country.


Each race is divided into 3 stages: Training – Quality evaluation – Racing. Interesting race when the driver not only has to overcome the opponent but also has to protect the special car and minimize the time at the spare parts inspection station.

Checkpoints (PITs) are also the highlight of F1, scenes often seen in movies. Riders choose to pull up to the stations so the technical team can change the wheels. The fastest stop in F1 history was 1,923 seconds for the Red Bull team in the 2013 American Grand Prix, while the average design team would change in 2.5 seconds. Since 2011, the addition of fuel is prohibited. The inspection and replacement of each small component is carefully arranged to maximize downtime at the PIT.


Vehicles must be designed according to a certain set of rules. Since 2014, vehicles have used electric powertrains with a 1.4-liter V6 turbocharged engine and energy recovery system (ERS) to use energy from the brakes and exhaust. The engines produce 600 horsepower, while the ERS adds 160 horsepower.

Teams have to design their own cars, but can buy engines from rivals. There are currently 4 engine manufacturers: Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Renault, for 11 teams. Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Renault run their own teams, while Honda cooperates with McLaren.

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Every year, there is countless domestic and international motorcycle racing events serving the high demand of the audience. Domestic races will be held in Binh Duong, Ben Tre such as Happyland, Suzuki Raider R150, more broadly as an Asian racing system ARRC, Suzuki Asian Challenge along with many full-scale international races like Grand Prix or Isle Of Man, etc.


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F1 is not necessarily the most attractive race on the planet

The world-famous races compete directly with the Formula 1 (F1) race in terms of attractiveness and the number of fans.

Formula 1 racing is world-famous for having the fastest speed, the most expensive cost. But speed is not the deciding factor all. Many viewers complained that the F1 races were quite boring and uncompetitive, they wanted something new and more attractive. Therefore, there are many races launched to suit the tastes of each audience group.

Here is a list of the most attractive and popular car racing events in the world besides Formula 1 racing:

1. Isle of Man TT

For motorbike lovers, this is a race not to be missed. Held annually on an island between England and Ireland, Isle of Man TT gives the audience unprecedented excitement that no race has ever achieved.


The drivers will conquer a total length of 365 km with 6 laps around the island. The track has up to 264 bends and almost no protective barriers, many locations even have stone walls, extremely dangerous obstacles. The average speed of the riders always maintained at 200-300 km/h. In the Isle of Man TT, superb technique is not enough, to win the race, it must be reckless and daring.

2. Paris Dakar Rally

The story begins in 1977, when the French driver Thierry Sabine was lost in the middle of the Tenere desert during a race from Abidjan to Nice. Immersed in the desert, he realized that the endless stretch of sandy beach would be an ideal place for amateur riders like him to be able to test endurance. When he returned, he devoted the rest of his life to his colleagues in building the Paris Dakar Rally race today.


3. Daytona 500 – NASCAR

This is the most popular motorsport race in America. Held in Florida, the Daytona 500 racetrack is shaped like a football field but measures more than 4 km each. And to complete the 500-mile (over 800-kilometer) course, drivers had to run all 200 laps.


All racing cars in Daytona 500 or other tournaments in the NASCAR system are made by 3 car manufacturers Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota. To ensure fairness, the vehicles that are manufactured are imposed with strict technical standards so there is almost no difference. With a V8 engine, 725 horsepower capacity and large carburetor, racing cars in Daytona 500 can reach speeds of 300 km/h.

F1 racing: Hamilton waits for the chance to win the 6th title

The victory in the Russian race helped Lewis Hamilton get closer to the 6th world championship, which could help him reach the goal of leveling the legendary record of Michael Schumacher 7 times.

Currently, the British driver is 73 points ahead of teammate Valtteri Bottas and 130 points to run for the last 5 races of the season. Each stage win is worth 25 points and it also earns points for any driver in the top 10 and for the fastest lap run. The order of the scores for the first 10 finishers is in turn: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1.

Hamilton will not be able to win the championship in the next race in Japan because the maximum distance he can reach with teammates is 99 points while there are still 104 points that Bottas can achieve in the following 4 races. But the opportunity is closer to Hamilton than in the two races immediately followed by the Mexican Grand Prix and the US Grand Prix.


Counting back the previous victories, Hamilton had the same score with Bottas even when the Finnish driver won every race, meaning that his teammates would always have to finish with more points if they wanted to enter the enemy world. Take a look back to the 2018 season.

At the Mexcio race, he needs to get a lead of 78 points or more. In the US leg, he only needs to lead 52 points or more. And so on, he will only need to lead 27 points after the penultimate race in Brazil ended. It is hard to imagine that until the last stage, the world champion is determined.


Hamilton has overtaken Bottas in 10 of the last 12 races so it is likely that he will also finish before the team in Suzuka. He will need a points gap greater than 6 in the next two races if he wants to win the championship in Mexico. He won the world title at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in 2017 and 2018 but this season there was a position swap with the track in Austin, USA. Austin promoters had hoped the change would increase Hamilton’s chances of winning the title in the United States – what he did in 2015 – but the change could have the opposite effect.

The Mercedes team driver is currently ranked second in the list of world champions of all time, ranking with the world champion Juan Manuel Fangio 5 times. A sixth title will help him take second place, meaning that only one more time, Hamilton will equal Schumacher’s record, and further than breaking the record of his predecessors. The Russian Grand Prix is ​​the 82nd championship of Hamilton’s racing career.

Russian GP racing: Determined to protect the throne in Sochi

Sochi race in Russia will be the next stop of F1 races after the Singapore GP race last weekend.

Ferrari did something that surprised fans when they had their first 1-2 victory at the Marina Bay Circuit since Singapore GP was put into the F1 system starting in 2008.

The victory in Singapore GP 2019 is the 3rd consecutive victory of the team from Italy Calculating from the second phase of the kick-off season. It was also Vettel’s first victory in the 2019 season after 392 days without knowing the winning taste since the Belgium race in 2018.

Vettel’s victory is particularly important in the current period of the season, which adds to the confidence of Ferrari as well as their four-time world-class steering wheel. Ferrari’s 3 successive victories prove that they have returned to their design trajectories with increasingly efficient upgrades, the car’s compression has been improved significantly on many different types of racing tracks. more important than that, it proves that Mercedes is not invincible at the moment.


In addition to technical factors, Ferrari’s tactical team has also improved significantly. They made the correct and timely decision to put their steering wheel in the most favorable situation possible, the most evident demonstration of the 1-2 victory in the past week in Singapore.

In Singapore GP, Mercedes was completely passive in front of its rivals, they responded slowly to the happenings on the run and the results of both Mercedes steering wheel only came in 4th and 5th place after the race ended. end. 3 consecutive defeats to Ferrari is really impossible to swallow when before that in every race they always take the initiative in their play.

The problem of Mercedes is purely technical and tactical, but in addition to the above 2 Ferrari, they also need to thoroughly resolve internal conflicts when Vettel won the weekend. A cheerful atmosphere will energize Ferrari to succeed in the cold runs this weekend in Sochi.

The news is quite important that Mercedes will return to McLaren as an engine supplier since the 2020 season. It can be said that, since the departure of Mercedes and Hamilton, the traditional British rich racing team has not been self.


They have lost the image for the past several seasons, hoping the return will show fans the image of a proud McLaren in the past. Pirelli will provide C2-C3-C4 tire combos for the teams in the race in Sochi, since the 2014 season, the first place in Sochi has always belonged to the drivers of Mercedes.

Hamilton has won 3 victories in Russia, this time back, with 3 consecutive defeats against Ferrari, fans hope to see the strength of the defending champion to assert their position. Although Ferrari claims there will be no more upgrades this season, they are focusing on the car that will compete in the 2020 season.

However, with the improvement in the second half of the season, the excitement of Vettel’s victory along with the desire to assert himself of young driver Leclerc. Mercedes may again find it difficult to defend its dominance in Sochi.

Leclerc won the F1 stage for the first time

The pole-winning advantage was taken advantage of by Ferrari racer Charles Leclerc when he finished first at Spa-Francorchamps, the Belgian Grand Prix on September 1st.

The first stage of Leclerc debut in F1 career is also the first time Ferrari won a race in the 2019 season.

A valuable victory gives the Monaco driver a valuable gift to send to his childhood friend Anthoine Hubert, the F2 driver who died on August 31 in a tragic accident at Spa-Francorchamps himself on August 31. On the other hand, this is also an achievement that makes the Ferrari racing team more confident in the end of the season, after a long period of being full of bowl and being completely dominated by Mercedes, even Red Bull.


As soon as he finished, Leclerc choked on the radio: “This victory was for Anthoine. I’m fine but it’s difficult to experience such a sad week like this”. When he reached the parking lot, the Ferrari driver turned his lenses to the words “Racing for Anthoine” to refer to his ill-fated friend and colleague.

At the test races , the Leclerc – Vettel duo impressed when the SF90 was faster than Mercedes by an average of 0.7 seconds per lap. And that form is the two drivers of Ferrari take full advantage of the classification competition to occupy the first two starting positions, right on the Mercedes duo. However, as expected, the German racing team, and especially Lewis Hamilton, were not easy opponents, despite Ferrari having a big advantage in speed-oriented racetracks like Spa-Francorchamps.


Right from the start, Vettel was soon overtaken by Hamilton when the two drivers ran through Round 1. However, the speed of the SF90 and the effort to help the German racer regained second place at the end of the straight line. Kemmel at the first lap. The race was halted in the first round when the safety car appeared after the collision between Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull). The incident caused the Dutchman to give up in the first round when the RB13 crashed into the fence in the corner of Eau Rouge.

After the car safely pulled out of the track at the end of the fourth round, Leclerc quickly made a breakthrough when successively setting up the fastest-lap. At the rear Vettel constantly had to keep an eye on Hamilton, when the distance was kept steady at less than two seconds. Pressure from Mercedes forced Ferrari to Vettel to pit early from the 15th to prevent Hamilton from jumping.


Ferrari calculated with good speed from the new set of tires , when Leclerc and Hamilton finished changing tires, Vettel will take the first place. The Italian team’s prediction was correct when the two Vettel rivals finished changing tires in the 22nd round, the German driver won the first place. However, the early change of tire made Vettel quickly be replaced by competitors that changed the tire late.

Go to round 27, witnessing the speed of Leclerc, Ferrari asked Vettel to give the position to the juniors to avoid Hamilton benefiting. Vettel also only held the second position until the 33rd round when he was easily overcome by both Hamilton and Bottas. At the heart of the race is Hamilton’s chase with Leclerc. The British rider has the advantage of speed, but Leclerc is still 7 seconds ahead of the opponent while the race has only 10 laps.


Despite great efforts and the support of the captured cars, Hamilton did not soon close the gap. In the final round, the distance between the two leading vehicles was still 1.5 seconds so Hamilton had no chance to attack the opponent. This is a worthy reward for Leclerc. The Monaco driver would have had his first win if he hadn’t lost the top spot at the start of the season at the Bahrain Grand Prix when the engine failed at the last minute.

Next week, the F1 team will continue to roll on a classic race track – “Speed ​​Cathedral” Monza (Italy) and Ferrari’s home race track. The race takes place from 6-8 September. This is when the Italian racing team longed to win to finish Mercedes’ first-place finish five times at Ferrari’s hideout.

F1 after half way: Mercedes, Ferrari split half sad and happy

The Formula 1 (F1) race is in the summer vacation after a very intense period with five races in just 7 weeks, so this seems like a great time to look back at the half of the season.

With 12 races passed and the remaining 9 races, some teams and drivers have had a good first half of 2019… and a few failed.

While Ferrari showed great promise at the test stage in Barcelona, ​​Mercedes had overcome barriers in the first race in Melbourne, and showed a dominant dominance in the first half of the season. Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas took the lead in the first few stages – in fact Bottas dominated the qualifiers until Monaco. As a result, Hamilton won eight stages, while Bottas won two podiums.


But the British champion was more brave in difficult situations when Ferrari and Red Bull became more frequent threats to Mercedes’ dominance when the spring turned summer. At this point, Bottas gradually deteriorated and was 62 points away from his teammate. This gap shows that Hamilton still retains his near perfect performance with his Finnish teammates. Above all, they are helping Mercedes towards another title and another record – the first team to win 6 double individual and team championships.

After Mercedes and Hamilton, Max Verstappen is the name to be mentioned when the Dutch driver won 2 stages and won the pole in the recent race in Hungary. In addition, Verstappen is the only driver who has not made any significant mistakes this year and while the Red Bull is not as fast as Ferrari or Mercedes in the first stages, Verstappen is constantly on the podium. podium.


By winning 2 of the last 4 stages – and almost 3 in Hungary, Verstappen showed that he could threaten Mercedes and Hamilton for the remainder of the season.

One reason for the Dutch young driver to have more hope is Red Bull’s engine partner. Although still inferior to Ferrari and Mercedes, but the progress Honda achieved is remarkable. Winning the pole in the hybrid era is the achievement of engine manufacturers after many years of failing with McLaren. Therefore, it is not surprising that Red Bull and Honda will become the main concerns for Mercedes next season.