F1 2020 season and four bold predictions

The 2020 season will have a lot of unpredictable unknowns, and this is the right time to make the four boldest predictions and tips about the outcome of the 71st season in F1 history.

1. This will be Ferrari’s year

Since 2007, Scuderia Ferrari has proven that they have a car that is capable of winning the title. However, the lack of tactical thinking of the team and the unstable performance of the riders through each stage has led to the championship. The enemy continuously slipped from their hands. The 2019 SF90 is a near-perfect version, proving that the power is hard to beat in some races near the end of the season, but there are still some weaknesses to be overcome. Ferrari’s technical development team will surely learn from those mistakes and make new strides for any future car race in 2020.

2. The championship in 2020 is determined only at the last race

Ferrari’s improved competitiveness as well as combined with stability, will really cause Mercedes and defending champion, who is Lewis Hamilton. The German team is heading towards an unprecedented record – 7 consecutive championships, and Hamilton is determined to reach the milestone of seven individual titles of Michael Schumacher. He is in good shape, but you need to be wary of the rise of Leclerc, who is more mature after a year at Ferrari and can’t help but mention Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

3. At least two new faces will appear on the podium

Carlos Sainz and Pierre Gasly, who became 210 and 211 drivers in F1 history, have the honor of stepping up to the podium, after impressive achievements at Brazilian GP 2019. This list will likely continue to be extended next year. One of them must be Alexander Albon, who won the rookie title of 2019 at the FIA ​​awards ceremony. Albon’s speed and determination have already been recognized, but he still needs to get his Red Bull into the top 3 and win podium – a mission at his fingertips.

4. Will Ferrari sign Ricciardo in 2021?

With a high possibility, Daniel Ricciardo is another candidate for the official position at Ferrari. The time at Renault after leaving the Red Bull of the Australian driver was not easy. With the transfer situation for 2021 getting hotter, he will become a sought-after name if he opts for parting with Renault when The contract expires at the end of this year.

He has shown his ability through impressive victories and recognizable running style. He is also one of the most capable riders in the tournament. So, he (originally from Italy) is a suitable name combined with the youth of Charles Leclerc to create a new “dynasty” for Ferrari, similar to what Michael Schumacher has won. Ricciardo or Hamilton? Let’s wait for his decision in the second half of this year.