born:  March 17
resides:  Laguna Niguel, CA
occupation:  Mortgage Loan Customer Service Manager
hobbies:  surfing (when I can find the time), and my kids interests (that takes the majority of my time!)
status:  Married to John
children:  4: Derek (17), Jordyn (14), Andrew (10), Kalani (8)
years in racing:  5 years chasing, 2nd year racing!

A little over 8 months ago, Heather was sitting in the pits at the SCORE Primm race. While waiting for her husband John to come in for a driver change, she was conjuring up ideas on how she could get herself and the other wives and girlfriends involved in off-road racing with their own team. After a few months of “quiet” research, and having a car generously donated by Brian Burgess, she spoke out loud about her vision to the girls now part of the team, and All-American Girl Racing was formed.

Heather is married and has 4 kids ranging in age from 16 to 7. Besides managing her busy personal life, she also manages the mortgage loan customer service department of Downey Savings and Loan, at their corporate headquarters in Newport Beach. Now Heather has taken on an additional role of co-managing the girls’ race team. Her vision for the future of this race team is to hopefully influence other women to get out of the pits and get behind the wheel. She really wants to promote the sport of off-road racing as a family affair, and would like to see other wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and girlfriends out there alongside the men in their lives, teaching the younger girls in their lives that anything you dream can become a reality, if you work hard enough and never give up on what you believe.

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