born:  February 3
resides:  Orange, California
occupation:  Owner and President, Rob Gordon Feed Co.
hobbies:  racing, boating, water skiing
status: single
dogs: golden retrievers, Chassis and Camber and chocolate lab, Parker
years in racing: since 1976

Racing and off-road has always been in the Gordon blood.  It is apparent when you look at the Gordon family history dating back to the early 1900’s at the Indy 500 and the long standing heritage in Baja.  Robyn holds the record as the only female to have ever won the Baja 1000 overall.  She is ready to tackle that task, once again, being a member of the only all girl team in off-road racing, All American Girl Racing.  As manager of her family owned business, Gordon Feed, Robyn has stayed close to her racing roots.  It wasn’t hard to convince father, Baja Bob, to support her and her sister, Beccy, when they were asked to help form this all girl team.  Robyn can also be found racing her boat in the Long Beach to Catalina Ski Race in July.  She and her skier hold the record in the Veteran’s Women class.

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