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The British Grand Prix will stay in Silverstone until 2024

Just before the British GP took place, the organizers announced they had successfully renewed the F1 contract until 2024.

F1 reached a new agreement with one of the legendary races of the tournament after long negotiations. The old agreement between F1 and Silverstone will expire when this season ends. Therefore, many people are concerned that this weekend will be the last GP of England to be held at the track which has been attached to F1 since 1950.

However, F1 executives succeeded in signing a new, five-year agreement, with the British Racers Club (BRDC) – owners of Silverstone. “We believe the stronger F1 with Silverstone and Silverstone is also stronger with F1”, said BRDC chairman John Grant.


In the past, there has been speculation that London will host another race at F1, alongside Silverstone. Grant believes that Silverstone’s new agreement with F1 does not affect the likelihood that the British capital will have two races to host F1 events in parallel.

England first organized an F1 race at Silverstone in 1950. Since 1987, this track is the annual British GP organization. “We have always asserted that. If you want to look to the future, F1 needs to keep historical places like Silverstone and England is considered the cradle of this sport since 1950”, executive director F1 Chase Carey said.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho SILVERSTONE GIA HẠN ĐĂNG CAI F1 ĐẾN NĂM 2024

F1 claims to keep the traditional races in Europe. However, the deal with the Spanish and German racetrack will expire in 2020. That will be new challenges for the leaders of the sport. Lewis Hamilton, who will aim to win Friday at the British GP this weekend, claims that Silverstone is the track that F1 cannot afford to lose.

So Silverstone is the 20th race track listed on the F1 schedule of the season 2020. Among the 2019 F1 races is still the Spanish GP, the German GP and the Mexican GP have no tickets.


Silverstone is the first F1 race to be held in 1950’s British history and is the third-largest F1 race track after Monza and Monaco. The following year F1 will celebrate the 70th anniversary of its establishment and development, so the parties are very happy with this new contract.

The Price Of Tickets For F1 Racing In Some Countries

F1 ticket prices in China are the cheapest in the world – an average of 160 USD, while the most expensive is in Monaco – an average of 632 USD.

Currently, most of the F1 races in the world sell 3 ticket grades for 3 days of the race,including General Admission, Grand stand tickets and tickets for the private area. Hospitality, drink, parking, private…(Hospitality). According to the f1destinations page, after a few years of relatively stable, F1 ticket prices are on the rise.

In the season of 21 races this year, the average ticket price is around 417 USD (thef1destinations only counts General Admission and Grand stand ticket classes, not Hospitality). The two places with the cheapest fare are now China (160 USD) and Russia (241 USD), while the most expensive is in Abu Dhabi (632 USD) and Monaco(850 USD).

Khán đài trong chặng đua F1 tại Monaco. Ảnh: Formula1

Compared to last year, General Admission tickets averaged $ 161 for the 2018 season, an increase of 13.4%. The cheapest Grand stand fares are $ 264, up 14.3%. Meanwhile,a sitting Grand stand ticket opposite the starting line is about 637 USD, up 5.6%. The average fare increase this year is likely due to the F1 race having the cheapest fare in Malaysia no longer available and France and Germany adding medium ticket rates.

The 2018 F1 season is only two stops in Abu Dhabi and Brazil. Currently, the official website of Formula One has just opened tickets for 7 out of 19 following years,including Australia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Belgium and Singapore.

Khu vực dành cho loại vé Hospiality tại chặng F1 ở Singapore. Ảnh: formula1

By 11/15, if Early Bird buys tickets for the next year’s race in Singapore, fans can get discounts of up to 30%. A General Admission ticket in this race is being reduced from 363 USD to 290 USD. The most expensive Hospitality package to see F1 in Singapore is over 5,700 USD. Meanwhile, the cheapest ticket being reduced by 217 USD to 195 USD.

Before stopping hosting F1 racing from 2018, another Southeast Asian country, Malaysia, has the cheapest fare in the world. A General Admission ticket at this stage is about $ 24 in the 2017 season, Grand stand tickets are $67.

In addition, the f1destinations also studied the affordability of the local people taking place in the F1 race, based on the average price of a General Admission ticket compared to the monthly salary. Accordingly, even though it is the place where the ticket price is the highest, Monaco is the place where people buy most easily when one ticket accounts for less than 2% of income. People in Japan, Canada, Austria and Australia can also easily watch this race directly because the fare is less than 3% of their monthly income.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Vé xem đua xe F1 ở các nước có giá thế nào?

In contrast, Brazil, Mexico and Azerbaijan are the places where people have the most difficult access. In Azerbaijan, a General Admission ticket accounts for about half of the income each month, in Mexico is 33.2% and 25.7% in Brazil.