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F1 racing: Go back in time to start a new standard

The F1 world is actively preparing to enter an era of completely new standards starting in 2021.

However, the current COVID-19 pandemic situation is causing development disruptions and photo disruptions. Since then, FIA, F1, and related parties have agreed to come to a decision to postpone the time of applying the new standard to 2022.

The meeting between FIA, F1 and 10 teams on March 19 discussed the current pandemic situation and the impact of the epidemic this season, as well as a proposal to postpone the scheduled launch time. New standards later than 1 year.

Đua xe F1: Lùi thời gian bắt đầu quy chuẩn mới, ưu tiên “cắt giảm chi phí” - 1

All agree that this is the most appropriate direction at the moment, with the hope of helping to reduce the financial burden on the racing team, especially when their revenue is reduced due to fewer races taking place.

Official announcement issued by FIA: “All stakeholders discussed more about the current situation of the 2020 season and the options that F1 will respond to the global pandemic challenges COVID-19 brings”.

In addition to the current financial situation, racing teams have agreed to use the 2020 car chassis for the 2021 season and suspend the development of other parts to be discussed later.

“The introduction and implementation of financial regulations will continue as planned by 2021. Discussions of solutions to significantly reduce operating costs among stakeholders will continue to take place. out in time to come. All racing teams expressed their support for FIA and F1 in their efforts to restructure the 2020 season amid the complex epidemic”.

As noted above, the 2020 technical regulation will be rolled over to the 2021 season with further details to be discussed. The most significant of which is that the chassis of this season will continue to be used next year.

Đua xe F1: Lùi thời gian bắt đầu quy chuẩn mới, ưu tiên “cắt giảm chi phí” - 2

In addition, the development of aerodynamics under the new standard will be banned until the end of 2020. Thus, the racing team can only start researching new technical regulations from next year. The move is aimed at helping financially hard-hit teams “breathe” during these difficult times.

Maintaining the chassis for two consecutive years presents an interesting challenge for McLaren, who will move the engine supplier from Renault to Mercedes, despite the 2021 technical specification being pushed back one year. Each Power unit of each manufacturer has different structure and shape, so it will not be simple to remove the Renault engine and put the Mercedes into a note.

McLaren will need to have another plan to get the Mercedes home engine in its new car and this project will surely create a small expense.

A Female Racer Caused A Horror Accident At Speed Of 276km/h

A talented 17 years old Sophia Floersch has been injured after the incident at the F3 racing held in Macau on November 18th.

The accident occurred with Floersch when she is being on a bend. Her car hit the opponent and then it was out of control. The car was rotating and lapsing at the same time with the speed of 276km/h. And then it rammed into the tail of the car of Japanese driver Shou Tsuboi. The strong collision caused Floersch’s car fly up the air, crashing into the area reserved for the reporter, and then fell to the ground. The incident stirred audiences Macau unruly. The red flag was immediately disqualified, meaning the race had been paused. It took one hour later for the organization committee allowed the race to be continued.

Vụ tai nạn kinh hoàng ở cuộc đua F3 chặng Macau Grand Prix /// CHỤP MÀN HÌNH

Floersch did not lose consciousness but suffered spinal fracture. However, there is no sign shows that the German driver will be paralysed. She was awake enough to announce to the fans: “I’m fine but have to be onto the operating table on Monday morning. Thanks for the attention from you. I will update the latest information”.

Vụ tai nạn kinh dị ở cuộc đua xe F3 Macau Grand Prix - ảnh 2

The accident also caused Tsuboi be back injured. Four employees and reporters were also injured. The protection officer Cha Cha In was injured on face and be jaw fractures. The two reporters, one be torn liver and another be strong shaked.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) are finding out the causes leading to the accident. Many F1 drivers also expressed the sympathy with Floersch and victims. “We are all thinking about you, Sophia. Wishing the good news will come soon. Be strong!”, the former world champion Fernando Alonso wrote.

Floersch được xem như tài năng trẻ của làng đua xe tốc độ.

Floersch was considered as new emerging star in racing domain. Last year, she became the first female driver to score points in the F4 racing. She is also the youngest racer becoming the champion in the history of the youth Ginetta racing.