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MotoGP racing: The beginning is promising, the 2018 scenario recurs

This 2019 is the beginning of a new era for both Moto2 and Moto3 youth form with a lot of changes, one of which can easily be seen as the classification race format.

Andrea Dovizioso and Marc Marquez have been the main characters of the 2018 season and although the number of other “roadblocks” this year has increased, they are still the focal point in the first race of 2019. A re-confrontation currently the race 12 months ago and the winner is still the main character of that day.

Following MotoGP, which has adopted the racing format Q1 and Q2 in the past few years, now all 3 modes will determine the order of departure through 2 different runs. There is a slight difference between MotoGPand the other two modes when in Q1, the 4 best-performing riders will enter Q2, where they will have 14 other names (straight into Q2 thanks to the test run achievements), creating the battle pole of 18 riders.


At the first classification run with a new format,19-year-old driver Aron Canet was the pole winner, also his first time since the race in Germany in mid-2017. Canet’s main rivals at the opening stage. This is Lorenzo Dalla Porta (2nd class) and Kaito Toba, with the best starting position in his career.

A lot of new changes, but the tension and unpredictability of the main Moto3 race is still something that makes people unable to take their eyes off. Top top always appear no less than 10 cars making 1 small mistake can also create big fluctuations. The most notable driver in this group is probably Romano Fenati, who has made a comeback after the controversial action last season. He soon showed his experience to Canet, Toba and Dalla Porta and had a great chance to win the stage.


However, he made a serious mistake when there were only 4 laps left. When monitoring the track giving a warning that exceeds the limit track, riders need to be more careful or they will really be penalized. Fenati received a warning and said that he had been punished (though he has not yet) and went to the “Long lap penalty”, falling out of the top 10 unfortunately. Meanwhile above the fierce competition to the last minute and finally Japanese driver Toba showed a great tactic, about the first stage in his career. Followed by Dalla Porta and Canet, who won the first podium in 2019.

Meanwhile at Moto2, the pole position is also a completely new name, Marcel Schrotter. This is the first time in 12 years that the German driver’s career has won a race, beating Xavi Vierge and Lorenzo Baldassarri with 0.146s and 0.199s, respectively. Luca Marini of the 2018 SkyVR46 champion team ranked 4th but could not be underestimated.


Only the third place, but Baldassarri is the one who has the best departed owl and rose to the top after the first bend and Marini behind has lost 4 places to 8th place and is lucky to avoid the collision touch the top bend in 3 cars. The # 7 steering wheel completely takes control of the race and creates a gap with the pursuing team.

\However, like Moto3, a veteran became the focus, it was Thomas Luthi. From a position outside the top10, he gradually moved to the top and had a chance to win. But because the time left is not enough with Baldassarri’s excellent defensive ability, the Italian driver has reached the first stage of 2019, a start that could not be better. Luthi finished second and teammate Schrotter won the final podium position when defeating Remy Gardner 0.002s.


The first race saw the most close top 15 gap in MotoGP history (Dovi is 15s more than Johann Zarco), signaling a very stressful and exciting year ahead. Having 4 NSX has a chance to win the exciting season awaiting us ahead.