Vroom, Start Your Engine’s with Heather Bonanni

Women off-road racing teams show that the belief that getting dirty is only for the boys are so out of fashion. One of the most predominant women’s teams is the Getting Dirty for the Ta Ta’s Race Team that started back in 2009. The racing team drivers include Renee Hudson and Heather Bonanni as well as co-driver Denise Hall. With big plans, for the future, many racing enthusiasts are most interested in the driver’s backgrounds.

Renee Hudson

Renee Hudson started the Getting Dirty for the Ta Ta’s all female club in 2009 after being involved in off-road racing most of her life. The club has been competing ever since in several races for a cure as well as PURE races. In the BITD Parker 250 race, the team took second place and first place in the BITD Parker Desert Challenge. Hudson is passionate about the sport, loves racing and raised over $20,000 for her local mammogram program and continues to enjoy the sport as the club continues to enjoy success season after season.

Heather Bonanni

Heather Bonanni was born in San Diego, grew up in Downey and her hobbies have always been more focused towards the outdoors, including swimming. Married to Real Estate Developer John Bonanni, the couple has two kids of their own and two step kids.

Starting off-road racing in 2005 on a circuit, Heather formed an all-female racing team called the All American Girl Racing and raced with her team in several local races and won the Primm Nevada. She also completed both the Baja 100 and Baja 500 races and now holds the record for the first and only team of only females to finish top to tip. Currently, Heather Bonanni races with her husband and is regularly invited by other female racers to participate as part of their teams. One of the things, she looked forward most was to start racing for the Ta Ta’s due to the clubs aim to raise money for breast cancer.

Denise Hall

Co-Driver Denise Hall was involved with off-road racing since her ninth birthday and started as a co-driver as part of the Getting Dirty for the Ta Ta’s in 2009. She has competed in many races including the Bluewater Challenge, Race for the Cure and the Mint400 and when she is not racing across the desert, she is out on the motocross tracks. Hall loves supporting her husband with WORCS races and being part in the Ta Ta’s team is one of her career highlights.

The trio shares the same goal, and that is to move up in class until they reach the podium as the most successful race team. The ladies don’t consider off-road racing as a career and race in their buggy type car for the excitement, and even with generous sponsors they still spend quite a bit of cash from their own pockets on the sport they feel so passionate about.